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Catholic Bible Store is a definitive source for Catholic Bibles, Bible study and Bible related resources. It grew out of our our brick & mortar store which served Catholics in the Rockford Diocese, since 1966. While new owners now serve our local community, our experienced online staff continues that 40+ year long history. They understand the needs of Catholic families, schools and parishes.

Over the years we found that Catholic often had difficulty choosing a Catholic Bible that would be a good fit for them. Begining with the question, "Is this a Catholic Bible?" they moved on to translations, features, suplimental materials and more. Catholic Bible Store is designed to help make that easier. We sell only appoved Catholic translations, with the full canon of Catholic Scripture*. Many people don't know that protestant Bibles leave out material included in Catholic Bibles. We also work hard to provide informative description, feature listings, cover information and more. If looking for a particular Bible, like a Bible for First Communion, we provide currated selection of top rated and best selling itmes for that occasion or recipent. We work had so you don't have to.

Based in Northern Illinois, with warehouse partners in Oregon, Tennessee, Indiana and Pennsylvania, Catholic Bible Store provides timely delivery to all parts of the US. With years of shipping experience, we can also ship Bibles worldwide.

We are grateful to be able to help spead God's word,

Catholic Bible Store Owners

Chris and Elaine
Owners - Catholic Bible Store

* there are a few exceptions like the Archological Study Bible, which is not a Catholic translation. These exceptions are clearly noted as non Catholic translations (or cannon). We include them in our selection because of their unique and valuable source materials for which there is no Catholic equivilant we can offer.