Berit Olam - Judges (Hardcover)

Berit  Olam - Judges (Hardcover)

Berit Olam - Judges (Hardcover)

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Berit Olam - Judges (Hardcover)

Judges contains stories about such characters as Samson and Delilah, and Deborah and Baraq, which have become popular both in literature and Hollywood. However, other characters such as Achsah and Jephthah's daughter and the story about the final civil war are virtually unknown to the average reader. Approaching Judges as a unified literary document, this commentary shows that when the Israelites adhere to the covenant established with their deity they prosper, but that when they stray from it disaster follows. This is true not only in the Deuteronomistic refrains, as is recognized by many scholars, but in the whole book, and is reflected in Israel's worsening situation throughout its narrative time.

This commentary, because of the methodology employed by its author, should be relevant to anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible and its theology, as well as gender analysis, the role of women and of the family in antiquity and in literature.

"Incline your ear, and come to me;
listen, so that you may live.
I will make with you an everlasting covenant."
-Isaiah 55:3

As they have for centuries, people still turn to the Hebrew Bible to hear afresh the life-giving words of God's everlasting covenant. Berit Olam ("The Everlasting Covenant"): Studies in Hebrew Narrative and Poetry brings to all interested in the Bible, be they lay people, professional biblical scholars, students, or religious educators, the latest developments in the literary analysis of these ancient texts.

This multi-volume commentary reflects a relatively new development in biblical studies. The readings of the books of the Hebrew Bible offered here all focus on the final form of the texts, approaching them as literary works, recognizing that the craft of poetry and storytelling that the ancient Hebrew world provided can be found in them and that their truth can be better appreciated with a fuller understanding of that art.

The authors reflect a variety of religious traditions, professional backgrounds, and theoretical approaches. Yet they share a common desire to make available to all of God's people the words of the everlasting covenant in all of their beauty.

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