Bible Pronunciation Guide

Bible Pronunciation Guide

Bible Pronunciation Guide

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Bible Pronunciation Guide

Biblical experts from the Society of Biblical Literature offer a concise, simple pronunciation guide that can be used with all major translations of the Bible. Students, teachers, preachers, public speakers, and lay readers will find pronunciations for:
- all proper names and many other difficult-to-pronounce words found in English Bible translations
- nonbiblical terms that are important to the study of the Bible

The pronunciation key featured at the bottom of each page utilizes letters in the English alphabet rather than specialized symbols and signs. When disagreement among scholars makes a definitive pronunciation impossible, the editors favor popular usages of words and remain sensitive to common, familiar pronunciations when alternatives are foreign and difficult.

This clear, essential paperback edition puts at your fingertips the preferred pronunciations of more than 7,000 biblical names and terms as well as non-biblical words that are used in biblical study.

A great idea for anyone intending to study the Bible, or for lectors!

Cover: Paperback
Size: 8"L x 5."
Pages: 192

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