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Not all bibles are created equal. While the scriptural content may be the same, the look, feel, translation and additional materials make certain Bibles more suitable for certain kinds of readers. The recommendations below explain the different elements to consider when purchasing a bible for a particular reader. One additional consideration might be Catholic Bible translation you prefer.

Children's Bibles

When thinking about a children's Bible there are a number of subgroups with that category.

Catholic Baby Bibles
These baby Bibles are great first introductions to the stories of the Bible. Many of them feature the rugged hardboard pages that can hold up to the loving abuse of a young child. Words are few, images are vibrant and child engagement is high.

Catholic Early Reader Bibles
When children begin to read there is a great pride in "I read it myself". These early reader bibles typically use simplified paraphrased language to introduce the stories, people and events of the bible to young readers.

Catholic Picture Bibles
These Bibles also tend to have paraphrased text, with an emphasis on colorful illustrations that draw kids into the story. The use of age appropriate language and engaging illustrations helps draw kids from one story to the next.

Catholic Youth Bibles

Two things may make a Bible a "Youth Bible", the cover and design or the additional content included with the Bible.

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Catholic Youth Bibles with supplemental materials:
Traditional Catholic Bibles with cover and design elements more suitable for teens.

Catholic Women's Bibles

Catholic women look to the Bible for inspiration, guidance and courage. The Bibles identified as women's Bibles often have additional material that speaks to the issues of women.

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Catholic Men's Bibles

While there are few bibles that seek to support the spiritual lives of Catholic men, there are some. It is more than just the cover that makes a bible and Men's bible, it is the content, reflections and resources beyond the scriptural text.

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Spanish Catholic Bibles

Spanish language Bibles are just what they appear to be; Catholic Bibles for those more comfortable with reading in Spanish. Options include regular bible, family bibles and special Spanish bibles for First Holy Communion

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Other Special Catholic Bibles

A personal Bible can be a lifelong treasure. Large print Bibles can be a necessity in later years.

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Catholic Bibles for Special Occasions

A Bible is a great gift for a variety of occasions.

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