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This Ignatius Bible features the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition (RSV-CE). It has been acclaimed for decades as the clearest, most accurate, and most descriptive translation of the Bible in modern English.

Key features of this magnificent translation include:

Standard (non-feminist) English and is in conformity with the Church's translation guidelines found in the Vatican document, Liturgiam Authenticam
Closely reflects the original languages;
Uses an elegant, rhythmic English style while avoiding the obscurities found in the King James version.

The RSV-CE is used by:

  • The Vatican for scriptural references in all publications

  • The Navarre Study Bible series

  • Scott Hahn's Catholic Study Bible series

  • Catholic Answers' Answer Tracts series

The Ignatius Bible is a fine imprint on quality paper. Wide margins make this Bible easy to read, with plenty of room for the spacing and spine. Also, this paperback edition is lightweight, making it perfect for Bible study or on-the-go Bible reading.

Highly Recommended by:

  • Mother Angelica, EWTN

  • Catholic Answers

A newly designed and typeset edition of the popular Ignatius Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition Bible. This contemporary English translation revises archaic language of the first edition, but avoids dumbing-down the text. It retains the beauty of the RSV language that makes the Ignatius Bible such a joy to read. Now the only contemporary Catholic Bible translation in standard English is even more beautiful in word and design!

Additional Features:

Nine reference maps in color:

1. The Nations of Genesis Chapter 10
2. The Exodus from Egypt
3. The Conquest of Canaan
4. The Kingdom Years
5. Jerusalem - From David to Christ
6. Palestine in Christ's Time
7. Paul's First and Second Journeys
8. Paul's Third and Fourth Journeys
9. The Holy Land in Modern Times.

Approximate dimensions: 6" x 9".

Gold-edged pages on the leather bound edition.


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