Illustrated Catholic Children's BibleIllustrated Catholic Children's Bible

Introduction: When you want a child to read the Bible on their own you are looking for a Bible that will hold a child’s attention.  It needs to be accessible and appealing so that a child is interested in going back to it time and time again. This Illustrated Catholic Children’s Bible provides an answer to that need with an array of features that make it appealing and child friendly. The text is easy for a child to read, the illustrations are colorful and dynamic, and the layout draws a reader along page after page. It is a great Bible for family story time or for early readers. With over 5 million copies in print it is a winner with families and children.

The Facts:

  • Size: 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Anne De Graff
  • Ages: 5-12
  • ISBN13: 9780882711973 
  • ISBN10: 0882711970
  • Features: Presentation page, Illustrated, Table of Contents, Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur  

Content: This impressive children's story Bible contains over 250 traditional stories from the Old and New Testament. Told in chronological order each story has the original bible book chapter and verse it is based on. The Bible Stories are based on the NAB version of the Holy Bible and retold by Anne deGraaf, an award winning author of over 80 children's books.

This is a story Bible, not a full text Bible. It features Biblical stories retold in child friendly language. Full text Bibles are much more difficult for a child to read independently. Important to ensuring the Catholic integrity of this Bible as opposed to other story Bibles from non-Catholic sources, this Bible has a Nihil Obstat, and an Imprimature. The Nihil Obstat is a statement by an official censor of the Roman Catholic Church certifying that the book contains nothing contrary to faith or morals. The Imprimatur is official license by the Roman Catholic Church to print a religious book.

Format: A well-constructed quality hardcover Bible, the Illustrated Catholic Children’s Bible is colorfully illustrated from cover to cover. Over 200 dynamic full color illustrations are create a visual context for the stories.

The layout of the stories and illustrations is dynamic. This is not a classic two column page layout with rectangular illustrations. Illustrations frequently fade behind the text and have a non-rectangular appearance. Often an image will span across two pages with the relevant text of the story wrapping around the image. This attention to detail in the layout draws the readers’ eye, page to page. It is literally a page turner as the rear wants to see what happens next.

The illustrations by artist Jose Perez Montero visually bring to life a picture of what is being read. A great complement to the image that forms in our minds eye as we read, his illustrations supplement, inform and inspire our visual faculties and make the stories easier to recall. 

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Interior Page Catholic Illustrated Children's Bible



Interior Page Catholic Illustrated Children's Bible
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