Understanding Catholic Bible Translations

The NABRE Bible Translation

Released in 2011, the New American Bible, revised edition (NABRE), the first major update to the New American Bible (NAB) translation in 20 years.

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Catholic Bibles

Your Reliable Source for Catholic Gift and Study Bibles

We want to make sure that you find the right bible for your particular need. If you need a study bible for personal growth, a first communion bible for a special someone or a family bible for your home, we are your reliable source for Catholic bibles, and bible study materials.

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Ignatius Catholic Large Print Bible - Black Leather RSV
Ignatius Catholic Large Print Bible - Black Leather RSV
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Ignatius Catholic Large Print Bible - Black Leather RSV
Large print, 13.5 point font, edition of RSV with black bonded leather cover, illustrated with full color maps and gilded page edges.
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Customer Feedback - A Friend's First Catholic Bible

"My friend was celebrating her first communion and confirmation. I presented her with this beautiful Bible. The cover was leather with wonderful pictures and the edges were gold trimmed. She was ecstatic since it was the first Catholic bible she had ever been given...in fact, the first Bible of any type she ever received. In the end we were just as pleased as we could be. Thank you for your great service.”

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What makes a Bible a Catholic Bible?

The Catholic Bible contains both the books of the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament. Catholic versions of Bible contain several books and parts of books excluded in Protestant versions. Most Bible for use by Catholics have approval by the Bishops and contain an Imprimatur; formal permission to be printed. Bibles for Catholics are available in a number of different approved translations. The major Catholic translations are the Douay Rheims, New American Bible Revised Edition, and New Revised Standard Version. There are additional approved Catholic Bible Translations.