New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition

New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition
New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition

New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition

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New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition

Considered "The best of the modern translations" by The Living Church, the New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition is a great Bible for any study or devotional use!

Special Features include:
- Introductions to every book and group of books giving literary and historical background, plus Book Plans to outline the key topics and stories
- Biblical text presented in a two-column format
- Text headings in bold type clearly indicate different sections and highlight key stories, themes, and passages
- Chapter and verse references at head of each page
- Large bold chapter numbers and verse numbers printed in the text for ease of reference
- Poetry and poetic passages printed as poetry for maximum impacted when read silently or aloud
- Italics highlight quotations from other books of the Bible
- Chronology Table showing general historical events and kings alongside biblical historical names and dates
- Measures and Money showing metric and imperial equivalents to biblical measures (length, capacity, weight) and money
- Index of Persons - around 250 names with principal biblical references
- Theological Glossary - a new feature, not included in the Regular Edition; brief notes on nearly 200 key words and concepts with references to relevant biblical passages

A beautiful Bible which may make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in reading the Word of God!

Bible Translation: New Jerusalem - NJ
Cover: Paperback
Bible Features: Study Features
Size: 6" x 9.25"
Pages: 1480

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