Sacra Pagina - Second Corinthians (Hardcover)

Sacra Pagina - Second Corinthians (Hardcover)

Sacra Pagina - Second Corinthians (Hardcover)

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Sacra Pagina - Second Corinthians (Hardcover)

Students of Paul know all too well that his Second Letter to the Corinthians is not easy. Not only is the integrity of Second Corinthians as a letter questioned; adequate information is lacking about the concrete situation at Corinth and the identity of Paul's opponents. Moreover, the Greek of this letter is difficult, partly because of its emotional style. Second Corinthians is rightly called Paul's most personal letter.

This one-volume commentary is without footnotes and without expanded surveys of the history of interpretation. Brevity of exposition has been a primary goal. A new literal translation is presented and is intended to help the readers discover precisely what Paul has in mind, his reasoning and the flow of his thought. This commentary argues for the integrity of Second Corinthians. A distinction is made between the verse-by-verse exegesis (Notes) and the more theological explanation (Interpretation). The interpretation usually contains four sections: (a) structure and line of thought, (b) characteristics and particular problems, (c) theological reflection, and (d) actualization and critical remarks.

Second Corinthians is autobiographically and theologically highly significant. Paul defends himself in order to win back the Christians of Corinth and restore their mutual relationship. The letter is an ongoing reflection upon his apostleship: a ministry that is carried in clay vessels and characterized by countless sufferings and trials, but is also sincere in the sight of God and open to everyone's conscience. There is the daily pressure on Paul, his concern for all the churches (11:29). At great length he insists that the Corinthians complete the collection for the poor of Jerusalem. They should forgive and comfort the sorrowful wrongdoer in their midst. Paul exhorts the Christians to cleanse themselves from every defilement since they are the temple of God; he urges them to test themselves.

Paul writes this rather strict letter while he is absent from Corinth so that at his third visit he may not have to be severe in his use of authority. Still, this does not prevent Second Corinthians from being a letter both profound in its content and fascinating in its readers alike. This most impressive of Paul's "weighty and strong" (10:10) letters should continue to contribute to "the building up" (13:10) of all Christians.

The expression "Sacra Pagina" ("Sacred Page") originally referred to the text of Scripture. In the Middle Ages it also described the study of Scripture to which the interpreter brought the tools of grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, and philosophy.

This series presents fresh translations and modern expositions of all the books of the New Testament. Written by an international team of Catholic biblical scholars, it is intended for biblical professionals, graduate students, theologians, clergy, and religious educators. The volumes present basic introductory information and close exposition, adopting specific methodological perspectives while maintaining a focus on the issues raised by the New Testament compositions themselves.

The goal of Sacra Pagina is to provide sound, critical analysis without any loss of sensitivity to religious meaning. This series is therefore catholic in two senses of the word: inclusive in its methods and perspectives, and shaped by the context of the Catholic tradition.

The Second Vatican Council described the study of "the sacred page" as the "very soul of sacred theology" (Dei Verbum 24). This series illustrates how Catholic scholars contribute to the council's call to provide access to Sacred Scripture for all the Christian faithful.
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